Presidential Dollars

The Presidential Dollar coin program honors the former Presidents of the United States in the order served. The series began in 2007 and has included four different releases annually. Each coin features an obverse portrait, paired with a common reverse design depicting the Statue of Liberty. The coins have proven to be a popular collectible with purchases often made by the roll.

Andrew Jackson Presidential Dollar

The series was authorized under the Presidential $1 Coin Act. Coins will be issued to recognize each former President of the United States who has been deceased for a period of at least five years. The series will continue until all such Presidents have been honored. Collectors can look forward to adding the newest designs to their collection for several more years to come.

For the initial years of the series, Federal Reserve Banks provided a window of time during which financial institutions may order unmixed quantities of the new releases. This allowed the coins to be acquired at face value from banks. The US Mint also made the rolls available for purchase at face value through the Direct Ship program.

Unfortunately, by 2011 it had become apparent that the coins were not gaining traction in everyday circulation leading to a surplus of coins in storage. As a result, the Treasury Department suspended production for circulation. Starting in 2012, the coins would only be struck in the limited quantities necessary to meet demand from collectors and would be sold at a premium to face value.

Theodore Rooesvelt Presidential Dollar

Currently, the newest releases of the Presidential Dollars program are only distributed by the US Mint for a limited time period. Mintage levels are significantly lower than earlier in the series. The US Mint offers the coins in 25-coin rolls, bags, or boxes. The Presidential Dollar rolls represent one of the most popular options for collecting the series.

This site provides additional basic information about this popular series. In addition, a selection of Presidential Dollar rolls available for sale for each design of the series is presented. Browse listings and find the best options to expand your collection.