Images of Presidential Dollar Rolls

Collectors of Presidential Dollar Rolls will encounter some different styles of packaging based on the era and origin of the coins.

Under the authorizing legislation, the Federal Reserve Banks are required to order sufficient quantities of each roll to make them available for commerce. Special ordering windows are available for financial institutions during which each new release can be ordered in unmixed quantities. The financial institutions who order the coins exchange or distribute to their customers at face value.

N.F. String & Sons

These coins are generally found in wrappers branded by the coin handling company who packaged the coins. One of the most frequently encountered are N.F. String & Sons wrappers, which are white with red at the ends. The rolls may be marked with the design of the Presidential Dollar.

US Mint rolls

The US Mint packages circulating quality Presidential Dollars for sale to collectors, priced at a premium to face value. From 2007 to 2010, the wrappers were red, white, and blue with the US Mint logo. The outer wrapper indicates the design, face value, and mint mark of the coin inside.

New US Mint rolls

Following the US Mint's adoption of a new logo and brand identity, the style of wrapper was changed. The primary colors are black and white. Printing on the wrapper still indicates the design, face value, and mint mark of the coins inside. This style of wrapper was adopted for 2011 onwards.